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Drive Less and Earn More

Load Booking

Secure loads directly with top-tier brokers offering high-quality freight that yields small carriers superior profit margins

The value we provide:

  • Earn $5000 more per truck per month 

  • Reduce idle time, backhaul booked in advance

  • Lower you deadhead miles

Business Management Support

Trained, dedicated account managers who ensure no-stress logistics and trucking operations

24/7 Business management benefits:

  • Load matching with one-click, no-touch technology

  • Experience efficiency in your daily operations

    • 24/7 truck dispatchers, coverage for night, weekend, and daytime

    • Multilingual staff, fluency across a wide range of languages

    • Comply with your company's policies and protocols for seamless integration and extension of your business

  • Leveraging cutting-edge monitoring software and internal protocols to ensure data security

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