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Owner Operators, and Small & Mid-Size Trucking Companies

Manage your trucking business without the back-office hassle

The smart way to outsource dispatch to reduce down time, time-consuming back office tasks, and find the loads your business needs to grow—all in one platform.

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No Commitments | No Annual Fee
24-Hour Coverage | Cancel Anytime


The Ultimate Work Smarter, Not Harder Solution for Carriers!

Reduce Paperwork

Leave paperwork to us, including load documentation, tracking & tracing

We'll Handle the Back-Office

Let Bridge18 handle credit checks, billing, invoicing, and other back-office tasks

Stop Wasting Time On Calls

No more calling and following up with drivers, customers, etc.

Become More Productive

We'll assist you in operating more efficiently by optimizing routes and minimizing downtime

Scale Up or Scale Down Flexibility

  • No commitments

  • No Annual Fee

  • 24-Hour Coverage

  • Cancel Anytime



Scale Your Capacity

On-demand transparency with simplified load bookings, and access to ample capacity to efficiently transport a high volume of loads

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Secure Loads Directly

Our experts set the course for optimizing every step, from the initial planning to successful execution, utilizing our end-to-end technology solutions

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Access the best drivers and trucks!

Brokers, Ramp Up Your Load Volume with Bridge18

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Fully customized, scalable and cost-effective dispatch operations for Owner Operators, and Small & Mid-Size Trucking Companies

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